Current version: 0.9.9 build 14 (updated December 24th 2014)

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New features in Land of Darkness 0.9.9 build 14

User interface

- Ensure that the macro definition screen is big enough to display all lines
without having to display a scroller
- Pressing DELETE on the macro definition screen clears a macro
- Display HP and SP values with a red background if they are less than 30% of
their maximum value (instead of 10%)
- Add a minimal wish parser to allow entering basic item names without the '#'

Gameplay changes

- Apply the full dice multiplier of slaying abilities/brands when using
one-handed weapons or throwing missiles, and half the multiplier when using
two-handed weapons, dual wielding or shooting missiles
- Add a brand multiplier of 2 for tainting weapons
- Remove pointless Climbing and Swimming skills for dragons (they learn how to
cross mountains at level 15 and they fly), replace them by Critical strike
and Sense items
- Add a minimum depth for each trap type depending on the dangerosity of the
trap effect
- Make traps less deadly (especially at low level)
- Add elemental "bolt" traps (similar to the "ball" traps, but less deadly)
- Add new traps: earthquake, poison needle, explosive device, hunger, wall,
multiplication and time bolt
- Decrease the piety cost of most prayers and change that cost to a fraction of
max piety instead -- you shouldn't go from "comfortable" to "despised" in
only one prayer anymore
- Slow down piety decrease over time by a factor of five
- Add "ignore lightning" flag to some high level rods (speed, identify...)
- Add all "ignore element" flags to crowns of might and lordliness
- Add "ignore acid" flag to gloves of science and mana capacity
- Add all "ignore element" flags to mage staves of wizardry
- Make difference between "generated" and "found" artifacts and only display
the list of artifacts actually found
- Make food more nutritious and increase satiation/thirst levels by 25%
- Cap maximum experience and gold at 99,999,999
- Cap maximum item value at 9,999,999 gold and maximum selling value at

Bugs fixed

- Fix incorrect plasma blast damage
- Refresh the skill list properly when skill points are spent
- Manage roundtrip packets with a fake keypress (F13) to avoid server freeze
during client input
- Fix surfacing effect not doing anything
- Apply lighting properly when teleporting level to the metamap
- Round down HP/max HP and SP/max SP values when displaying them
- Don't apply (randomly initialized) randart flags when an object is not a
- Fix truncated text for choices when interacting with a guildmaster
- Add extra digging power properly when generating randart pickaxes
- Fix light radius of randart light sources
- Don't process players in the game engine loop until they're fully loaded into
the game engine

Coding changes

- Upgrade Java version to 1.7
- Improve player processing/updating at the cost of some (acceptable) FPS
- Savefile version increased to 2 (previous savefiles are incompatible)
- Remove hardcoded traps, and put them in a text file instead
- Implement hp, maxhp, sp, maxsp, xp and score using "int" numeric fields
instead of "double" fields
- Remove all "double" numeric variables, use "int" instead (implicit rounding)
- Simplify the running code


- Section (0) updated: requirements
- Section (2.4) updated: dragons
- Section (4.5) updated: creating macros
- Section (5.7) updated: traps
- Section (6.2) updated: ranged weapons
- Section (6.3) updated: slaying and brands
- Section (6.9) updated: wishing